IFPO National Executive Council – Statement

The Institute of Fire Prevention Officers

IFPO National Executive Council – Statement

“The National Executive Council support new medical or research centres/departments being set up to combat the Coronavirus, requiring fire installation, commissioning and risk assessment like the Excel centre, now the Nightingale hospital (London). However, we strongly urge members involved to take all appropriate protection measures against COVID 19 including working 2-metres apart, frequent washing of hands and wearing PPE.

However, these premises are the exception and we should all be fully complying with Government emergency measures in full. Remain at home, maintain personal distance from others, only travel to work if essential with key worker status etc.

Anti-body testing is underway prioritising NHS and social care workers. Indications suggest those proven to have the anti-bodies will be permitted to return to work. This may include fire risk assessors and engineers in a limited way, say following confirmed fires in occupied buildings, repairs to fully degraded fire safety systems within occupied buildings or Government may determine anti-body protected workers can return to normal working. We will just have to wait and see. 

Until Government can relax working restrictions, we urge everyone to stay at home. By doing this we are denying coronavirus access to new body hosting being our most powerful weapon until vaccines are developed. Now is an ideal time to spend with family members in your own dwelling, plan new work opportunities and undertake personal CPD where possible in your own field of expertise or develop a hobby.

Please stay at home, save lives and save our NHS and Social Care Housing.”