Aims and Objectives

The Institute of Fire Prevention Officers

To promote the advancement of fire safety education generally.

To maintain high professional standards amongst members.

To direct anyone with a need for fire safety information to those members with the skills and knowledge to satisfy that need.

To bring together those members seeking a fire safety solution with those members or companies providing the means to satisfy that solution.

To provide a forum for the purposes of reception and exchange, provision and dissemination of information.

To encourage appraisal, evaluation, research and study in the field of fire safety

To advise, inform and educate members in all aspects of the fire safety industry.

To represent the interests of members of bodies and committees dealing with statutory controls, regulations, standards and codes of practice

To forge links amongst advisors, specifiers, manufacturers and contractors for the better understanding of fire safety products and their correct applications.

To promote international liaison amongst fire safety professionals.

To maintain an approved Competency Council Register of Fire Risk Assessors.

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