A Message from the IFPO Chairman

The Institute of Fire Prevention Officers

A Message from the IFPO Chairman

Dear Members and Friends 

As the new Chairman of the Executive Council I would like to express our thanks to the departing chair, Roger Gentle, for his sterling work in that office for the past two years. which has not been without its trials and moving the Institute forward. 

I shall endeavour to emulate his achievements for the IFPO during my term, being ably assisted by the new vice-Chairman, Martin Bainbridge. Martin has been an active member of the EC for some time and has agreed to take on this role along with his role as chair of the Fire Risk Assessors panel. 

Membership still grows at a steady pace and the forums/presentations that we held in the past year have been reasonably well attended though there is always space for more attendees so please do try to attend if you can in 2019. 

The Executive Council continues to operate in you, the members, best interests and contribute much to our organisation. In the past year we have had representation at Fire Sector Federation meetings and working groups, the FSF lobbies the Parliamentary Cross-Party Group which is looking into fire regulations and standards, especially with recommendations from the Dame Judith Hackett report regarding the tragic Grenfell fire in 2017. 

So to all the members of the Executive Council I say thank you for your time and efforts. 

I should like to welcome our four new members to the EC, voted in at the recent AGM, and to thank those who stood down for their contributions over the past years. 

To all members and associates, thank you for supporting our organisations, attending meetings and generally getting involved. 

It only remains for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in 2019. 

Peter Haines 
Chairman, Executive Council 
The Institute of Fire Prevention Officers